Hello !  We  suggest you to take part in our Moscow metro tour !

The tour’s duration is about  3 hrs . We shall see several most beautiful stations such as : Ploshad Revolutsii , Teatralnaya ,Mayakovskaya ,Belorusskaya , Novoslobodskaya , Kievslaya , Komsomolskaya and Arbatskaya . Then  we stop on Old Arbat street  to walk  and see its beautiful buildings . Prices depend on many preferences and conditions . The average price for one adult is  55 $ for the tour for the group up to 3 Pax . Book the dates here  , send me a message  or  just Wharsup us 😉

The Moscow Metro has the unique architecture and with elegant , marble-faced and frescoed stations is more like a palace .

Most of the metro stations have their own appearance and architactural design .

Artcistic panels , statues , bas-releifs, mosaic and stain-glass panels adorn many of them . The Moscovites are very proud of their metro.The construction of the Moscow metro began in 1932. The first line which had 13 stations and was 11.6 km long went into operation in May 1935. Today , there are 223 stations in total . Every year ,our city authorities buld another few stations because Moscow grows and develop very quickly . One of the most impressive stations is Komsomolskaya .

Moscow metro
Moscow metro. Komsomolskaya station
Metro Komsomolskaya

It was designed by two men renowned in Soviet Art, the architect Shchusev and the artist Korin.

The station is 190 m long and 9 meters high , its vaults are supported with 72 pillars . The colourful decoration and eight large mosaics of the hall reflect the Russian people’s struggle for independence .

Metro tour is combined with Old Arbat visit  .


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