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A Gentleman in Moscow novel

Have you read it ? If yes , then lets go and I will show you where all events took place.

Couple of words about the book .

Its a fiction book .  A Gentleman in Moscow is a 2016 novel by Amor Towles. It is his second novel, following the release of the New York Times bestselling novel Rules of Civility (2011).
The novel concerns Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, a man ordered by a Bolshevik tribunal to spend the rest of his life in a luxury hotel in the heart of Moscow.
The Count is escorted by military guard to the Hotel Metropol Moscow, where he was ordered to vacate his luxury suite and take up residence in the cramped servant’s quarters on the sixth floor. Get the book on Amazon

Metropol Hotel
Metropol hotel

During our  city tour and walking tour    I will  show you the building of that hotel . Now it is one of the most prestigious 5 ***** Hotel right in the heart of Moscow  built in Art Nouveau Style. The facade was decorated by  mosaic panels of famous  artist Vrubel .

Metropol Hotel  from the history

St. Petersburg Insurance Association purchased the building of Chelyshy and rented it out to the North Homebuilding Society whose head was Savva Mamontov.
Savva Mamontov, being a patron of the arts, decided to create not just a hotel, but a cultural center, with a theatre, exhibition halls, indoor stadium, restaurants and hotel rooms. Mamontov engaged the best architects, painters and sculptors in the Metropol project.In January 1899, a tender for the best project to construct a first-class hotel was announced. Russian and foreign architects were invited to participate. The project of the famous Russian architect L. Kekushev won the tender. Nevertheless, the forth-place project was accepted. It was created by a 28-year-old architect William Walcott. In the same year of 1899, the construction of the Metropol building began.In March the Metropol Hotel and the restaurant opened. The luxury hotel was extremely popular among travelers, business people, cultural and political elite. The hotel was one of the first structures in Moscow to be built in the Art Nouveau style, and equipped with the latest conveniences of the time: electricity, hot water and telephones in the rooms, refrigerators and elevators. The wealthy public was especially attracted to the Metropol Restaurant (the former Winter Garden).

Read more on the website of the hotel

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