Places to go in Moscow

Izmailovo Kremlin and famous Flea Market

“Kremlin in Izmailovo” – a bright tourist attraction. The complex with “Izmailovo Vernissage” is a recommended tourist object display in many guidebooks, tour routes, participate in the programs of the official delegations. On the territory of the Kremlin in Izmailovo monthly pass cultural events, festivals and interesting exhibitions, festive events.

Also , on the territory of the complex there is famous flea market located .You can get amazing things there . Not only souvenirs , but also antique things, books , clothes  ,Items from the Soviet times . The is also Vodka museum located  and many other interesting places , master classes  for children. And of course , lots of cafes and restaurants to try local pirozhki and Kvas drink .

Want to go there ? Just let us know .

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