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Moscow day tours 

Moscow has lots of attractions  to suggest . Here you can see  main day tours of Moscow  we provide today , but we still have some other special tours in our collection such as : The Bolshoi theater tour , guided tour to the Space museum , complex Bunker-42, is a once-secret military complex and many other great places of Moscow which are definitely worth visiting

Classic city tour

Red Square. Moscow attractions
Red Square. Lenin’s tomb. Moscow attractions

Duration – 4 hours. Includes : Red Square with St Basil’s cathedral ( outside), Alexander Gardens , Gum , Lenin Mausoleum (outside), St Basil Cathedral
central streets of Moscow, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and many other nice places. It can be a walking tour or private car tour.

Metro tour +Arbat street

Moscow metro
Moscow metro. Komsomolskaya station

The tour’s duration is 3 hours . We shall see several most beautiful stations such as : Ploshad Revolutsii , Teatralnaya ,Mayakovskaya ,Belorusskaya , Novoslobodskaya , Kievslaya and Komsomolskaya      Read more



Walking tour

This tour’s duration is about 3 hrs   It Includes :  Red Square with St Basil’s cathedral (outside),  Alexander Gardens , GUM , Lenin Mausoleum (outside), central streets of Moscow, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and many other nice places.     Highlights of the tour

The Kremlin tour 

The Assumption cathedral
The Assumption cathedral

This day tour includes: Ticket + 2.5 hours walk along the territory of Medieval town . We visit : The Assumption cathedral , The Archangel cathedral .We will see Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell and many other interesting places of the Kremlin .It is also possible to go to the Armoury Chamber to see  coronation dresses , thrones , crowns , carriages , Fabergé pieces – small figures made from natural stones  and rock crystal and of course  Fabergé Eggs , presented  by two Russian Tsars  Alexander  and Nicholas  to their beloved  wives as  Easter present    Read more



Sergiev Posad

This tour duration is about 6-7 hours. The whole day of travelling. But its worth it. During the tour we ll visit main Cathedrals , refectory . Its possible to get Holy water in bottle ,and to have some nice meal on the territory of the monastery. Read more 


The Tretyakov Gallery 

The State Tretyakov gallery
The State Tretyakov gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery is the main museum of Russian national art, reflecting its unique contribution to world culture.It is a hospitable museum that is known for its rich collection and variety of presented ideas.Today , the  collection includes more than 180 000 pieces and is regularly updated.

For prices and conditions , please  contact us or just book the  tour  you need  without paying . And  we email you back as  soon as possible . Also , you can use  whatsup function to ask questions

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