The Kremlin territory with 2 cathedrals


The Kremlin is the heart of Moscow . It”s from there  all Russia’s history started . All coronations and state  important  events took place there . You ll  enjoy the tour to the Kremlin and remember it  for a long time . Lets go and see it !


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The tour includes:

  • Private guided tour

The tour excludes:

  • entrance ticket  25$   ( book in advance )

We visit :

  • The Assumption cathedral
  • The Archangel cathedral .

We shall see:

  • Tsar Cannon
  • Tsar Bell
  • and many other interesting places of the Kremlin .

Its also possible  to visit the Armoury Chamber  ( upon request , booking in advance)


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Can I take pictures on the territory and inside cathedrals ?

Yes you can . Outside of the cathedrals you can use flash , but inside  without flash.
Well , it is a walking tour actually, but not exhausting. We visit 2  beautiful cathedrals  and walk a bit. 

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