Russian Orthodox cross and Catholic cross. What’s the difference?

So what’s the difference?

  1. First of all , the shape . Catholic cross is four-pointed and Russian Orthodox can be also four-pointed and eight-pointed .
  2. On Catholic cross not always you can see the figure of Jesus . But on Orthodox cross it is compulsory .

    Catholic cross
    Catholic cross
  3. The image of Saviour is differently depicted on them . On Catholic crosses Jesus is dead with blood all over his face and on Russian Orthodox crosses Jesus is already resurrected . His palms are open and he kind of invites everyone to join him in the Kingdom of God when time comes .
  4. Then legs of Christ on Orthodox crosses are nailed with two nails, each separately, and on Catholic legs are nailed with one nail, one on the other.
  5. Then the sign above the head of Jesus says : “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews“ on Catholic cross written in Latin and on Russian Orthodox in Church Slavonic language.

    Russian Orthodox cross
    Russian Orthodox cross
  6. Compared to Catholic cross on Russian one there is another crossbeam which is slanted, symbolizing the choice of every person to join God or not  .
  7. There is also a sign on the back of Orthodox cross written in church Slavonic or modern Russian language : “Save and Protect”.   On Catholic cross  there is no such  sign .

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