Russian Pelmeni

Russian Pelmeni  ( Russian Dumplings )

Russian pelmeni is one of the  most  popular Russian Foods . Which has  very  interesting history . According to  one version  it  originates from China  and was brought by Chinese  merchants to Russia  , according to another version it was brought by Mongols . An then It became the post famous dish in Russian cuisine . The word  Pelmeni  originates from Finno-Ugric Komi and Mansi languages  sounds like  “pelnyan”  meaning  “ear bread”.

In older times people made thousand of pelmeni to store outdoors all winter . It was easy to bring for long journey because it is so fast to cook and easy to store when its winter . Nowadays , Moscow Russians buy a pre-made ones . Pelmeni can be  so different , so unusual , with different fillings from pork and beef till calamari . But not with sweet filling .  Ukrainian Vareniki is the  “relative” of  pelmeni but with  a sweet filing .

Ukrainian Vareniki
Ukrainian Vareniki

There are many other ” relatives ” of Pelmeni  in Russia . For  example , Manti it’s the same as Pelmeni , but just a bit bigger and more popular in  eastern parts of Russia . So the dough is very simple . You just mix flour with water, egg , salt . You mix all ingredients  until smooth consistency and leave the dough “to have rest” in a fridge for 35 minutes or so. Then you just roll it into a very-very thin layer and using a special cooking tool you cut out small circles to be filled by specially prepared filling. The filling usually is made of beef , pork, beef + pork ,  chicken and even calamari . You just mix minced meat with onion, salt , pepper,garlic . All ingredients must be finely chopped. Then you just form a small ball out of prepared mixture and put it in prepared circles of dough . You need to train a bit how to do it really good . After you ready and make a mountain of pelmeni , you can try them finally  . To cook it you need to drop 10-15 ( for the standard portion) in to a salty boiling wait for 5-10 minutes . When you see Pelmeni floating up to the surface of boiling water –  it is a sign , that Pelmeni are ready . We eat it with sour cream  with a few  spoons of pelmeni  bouillon.

Enjoy your meal

There are lot’s  of interpretations of pelmeni recipe . Just look at one of it . And try to cook it one day

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