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Russian Souvenirs – Amber

Russian Amber 

Russian Amber is very popular  not only in our country , but also all over the world. It can be in your Russian souvenirs basket  also .

Russian souvenirs . Russian Amber
Russian Amber necklace .Russian souvenirs .

What is it ? It is a fossilized resin originating from extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period . It’s been known from the 12-Th century. According to myth, when Phaeton son of Helios (the Sun) was killed, his mourning sisters became poplar trees, and their tears became elektron, amber. About 90% of the world’s reserve is located in the area called Kaliningradskaya Oblast (former K√∂nigsberg. Prussia which became the part of Soviet Union in 1946 ) .In China is honored as a semi-precious stone (mineral), called “northern gold” or “tiger soul,” after whose death, soul goes into earth and turns into Amber. It is also believed , that the mineral has mystical properties. It relaxes nerves and protects from troubles . Supposedly , amber has even healing properties . In Europe children were treated from colic or teething pain due to the purported analgesic properties of succinct acid. Amber can have wide range of shades. Jewelers make all sorts rings , necklaces , ear rings out it . Amber can be used as a part of paintings decoration or as a separate piece of Art

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