Sergiev Posad- St. Sergius Trinity Lavra

Sergiev Posad
Sergiev Posad

St. Sergius Trinity Lavra in Sergiev Posad 

The tour lasts 6-7 hrs . We can go there by train or by  car  send you preferrences  to us  or Whatsup us  and book the dates you need  and come back to you shortly to check details .

From the history ….. 

    Today Holy Trinity St Sergius Lavra is Russia’s largest and most significant monastery . It was founded by the great Russian Saint Sergius of Radonezh. around 1340, a young man of mere twenty, he left his parents estate and made his dwelling upon the completely uninhabited ,dense forest covered mountain Mokovets , where now the white -walled and golden-domed Sergius Lavra is beautiful in its grandeur..
Away from earthly cares ,he strove only after the ‘one thing needful” to fall before the Creator in prayer of repentance , in focused solitude , seeking forgiveness and help for himself and for all of Russia that suffered so much under the yoke of its invaders and for its own sins .

Sergiev Posad
Sergiev Posad. St.Sergius monastery

The fact that Sergius dwelt with God was manifested in his humble simplicity and sincere compassion to every creature, it attracted the souls of people searching for righteousness, and the word about his holy life soon spread throughout all of Russia .Many stayed to live with him . During the first decades , Sergious community lived in extreme poverty and heavy labours .But nobody left.
The most ancient of the surviving buildings of the monastery is the Trinity cathedral which represents the peaks of the early Moscow style of the ancient Russian architecture . It is there the relicts of St Sergious were placed . And it became the place of pilgrimage from all around.After 1991 , rapid rebuilding of the monasteries and churches in Russia began .Lavra restored many of its representations and scetes and built a number of new ones near the monastery and away from it .Presently , the Lavra brotherhood is over 300 people.

The refectory
The refectory of St.Sergius Trinity lavra

The main obedience of the Lavra brotherhood is the fulfilling of the daily cycle of the church services . Today , Lavra is one of the world centres of the Orthodox culture and enlightenment . Moscow Spiritual Academy and Seminary, Choir Director and Iconography schools situated here have over 700 regular students in various departments.

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