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Top 5 Must see in Moscow

  1.  Moscow Kremlin – its from there Moscow started in 1147 . The  word  “Kremlin” means “fortress inside a city”. The most important Cathedrals are located inside . The Assumption cathedral , The Archangel cathedral etc.
  2. Classic city tour will give you the feeling of the city . Its present and past . You ll see churches of the 17 Th century neighboring with modern skyscrapers .
  3. Moscow Metro is the chance to get unique experience by getting into Moscow’s every days life flow with Moscow locals of course .
  4. Tretyakov Gallery – the most impressive collection of Russian art , collected by the merchant of the 19 Th century Pavel Tretyakov who later donated all paintings to Moscow .
  5. Sergiyev Posad . St .Sergius Trinity Lavra. The monastery founded in the 14th century by St Sergius who settled in solitude in the deep forest and became the founder of the first settlement . It is 70 km drive , but for sure worth visiting as it is the main All-Russian place of pilgrimage , working seminary and just beautiful place to see with true Russian medieval atmosphere and architecture

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